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Tennessee Honor Vote List

The Honor Vote program lets Tennesseans dedicate their vote to those who are serving or have served our country. The men and women of the U.S. military ensure our freedom and democracy, allowing us to cast a ballot each Election Day.

How to Submit

Submit your Honor Vote to the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office using the online form. A commemorative button will be sent to you by mail to wear on Election Day.

Note: The Secretary of State's office reserves the right to edit or omit any submissions and/or remove any inappropriate language.


2022 Honor Vote List

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Branch/Rank Years Highlights Honored By Share
Quezada, Mr Michael Marines Private First Class 01/26/2022
Wisniewski, Mrs Carla
Ragsdale, Mr Clyde (Bill) Army Corporal 1/21/1942
Served in US Army Air Force during WWII He was attached to the 509 Composite Group while stationed at Wendover Field, UT. Ragsdale, Mr Nick W
Ragsdale, Mr Nick Army Sergeant Aug 1990
April 1991
Gulf War Veteran McCormick II, Mr Gerald D.
Ragsdale, Mr Clyde (Bill) Army Corporal 1/21/1942
Served in US Army Air Force during WWII He was attached to the 509 Composite Group while stationed at Wendover Field, UT. Ragsdale, Mr Nick W
Ragsdale, Mr Nicolas Army Sergeant
Bacon, Mr Winton
Riley, Mr Mason Army Private First Class 10/16/2018
Currently Serving
Served in South Korea and now stateside under an MP MoS Riley, Mr David
Riley, Mr Garrett Air Force Airman First Class 9/22/2017
Currently Serving
Operating as a Civil Engineering electrician has served stateside and international deployments Riley, Mr David
Rohman, Mr David L Navy Chief Petty Officer 08/05/1980
Retired disabled veteran. Rohman, Mrs Terri L
Schubert, Rev Marty Army Major
Chaplain Marty Schubert is currently Deputy JRTC Operations Group Chaplain and OC/T at JRTC and Fort Polk. He has been ministering, counseling and enriching the lives of so many of our military men and women for many years. He has served overseas and stateside, in war zones and in peace. During Dessert Storm, his drew a line with foot in the sands of Kuwait next to his armored tank and dared then Iraq President Saddam Hussein to cross it in a video. I'm not aware of his commendations or... Madaris, Mrs Paulina
Siler, Mr Alfred Barton TN National Guard Staff Sergeant
May 25, 2005
SSG Siler gave his life for his country while serving with Shadow Team, Spt Sqdn, 278 RCT, 42nd Inf Division in the Iraqi theatre of operations. SSG Siler was a son, a father, and a cavalry soldier. Fritts, Mr Monty Gavin
Staples, Mr Jerre Lynn Air Force Other
My Dad was not in the Air Force during active combat. I don't have much information about his time there but I want to honor him and his memory. Wirthlin, Mrs Anne-Louise
Stroop, Mr Homer Dalton Navy Captain
26 years of Service. WWII Veteran Was part of invasion of Enowetok, the first Japanese held island that US took over. Stayed to supervise the building of runway. End of career: Commanding Officer of Naval Reserve in Nashville TN located in Shelby Park Stroop, Ms M'Lissa C
Tenner, Mr James Army Staff Sergeant
Vietnam Tenner, Mr William
Tracy, Mr Michael Marines Sergeant
Ray, Mrs Rayma
Tulloch, Mr G.B. Army
Doss, Mrs Martha
Turner, Mr Norman Eugene Army Specialist 12/16/1966
Turner, Mr Norman Eugene
Tyner, Mr William Austin Air Force Staff Sergeant 11-08-1964
My dad, Austin, was in the Air Force during the Vietnam conflict. After leaving the Air Force, he joined the Tennessee National Guard and served for 26 years reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant. Volner, Mrs Lora Michele
Van Alstine, Mr Rollin George Navy Petty Officer Second Class January 1969
November 1974
Served in the Nuclear Navy as an electrician's mate. While on board the USS Long Beach (at the time the tallest ship in the Navy), Rollin volunteered to climb the mast, while at sea, to repair the radar. Van Alstine, Ms Judi
Vandagriff, Mr Glenn Army Private First Class
Hibdon, Mr Matthew
Wade, Mr Colton Reece Army Sergeant 06/18/2019
Wade, Ms Vickie M
West Sr., Mr John Russell Air Force
Mr. West was shot during WWll in France by friendly fire, our own American airplane flew over and shot down into the crowd. Mr West never had any hard feelings for any of his fellow soldiers. He understood that things happen during war time. Mr. West was always proud to be an American and proud of his service. West Jr., Mr John Russell
West Jr, Mr John Russell Army Sergeant 1986
Mr. John West is a loving husband, a devoted Sgt. in the United States Army. He started his career as a driver for his 1st Sgt. he was also the Armor for that Battalion at Ft. Stewart GA. John was then stationed to Korea where he served 12 months upon his return he changed his MSO to office he was stationed to Ft. Bliss TX. There he became Sgt.and NCOIC of Promotions. John finished out his tender at Ft. Bliss due to the Army sending him back to Korea. John had broken his ankle several times... West, Ms Jodie Carrol
West, Mr Drew Kannon Air Force Airman First Class 12/22
Doss, Ms Lydia
Williams, Mr Xander David Marines Lance Corporal 4/19/21
Williams, Ms Jamie Lin
Young, Mr James W Army Private
Korean War Young, Mr James R