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Dedicate your vote to those who are serving or have served in the U.S. Military

Tennessee Honor Vote List

The Honor Vote program lets Tennesseans dedicate their vote to those who are serving or have served our country. The men and women of the U.S. military ensure our freedom and democracy, allowing us to cast a ballot each Election Day.

How to Submit

Submit your Honor Vote to the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office using the online form. A commemorative button will be sent to you by mail to wear on Election Day.

Note: The Secretary of State's office reserves the right to edit or omit any submissions and/or remove any inappropriate language.


2024 Honor Vote List

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Branch/Rank Years Highlights Honored By Share
Wichaa, Mr Erikeesa Maan Army Other 01/2019
Turner, Mr Andre
Wiggins, Mr Trenton Army Major
Johnson, Ms Amanda
Williams, Mr Seth Army Specialist 10/17/21
Wright, Mrs Andrea Gayle
Williams III, Mr Clint Owen Army Private First Class
Williams, Ms Phara
Williams, Mr Mark Anthony Navy Chief Petty Officer 6/1986
When he first entered service, Williams was relied on for troubleshooting engine on aircraft and other military vehicles. He went on to serve part time as a Reservist after he completed his full 4 years. Williams has moved in to many rolls in the Navy, currently serving as a CPO who leads many men and women in the NCIS unit out of Mayport, FL. Williams, Mrs Becky J
Williams, Mr John Christopher Navy Seaman
Naval Intelligence Williams, Ms Alicia Suzanne
WILLIS, Mrs KALTONIAL LYRIK Army Sergeant August 2017
Kizer, Mrs Tina LOUISE
Wilson, Mr Joseph F Navy Seaman
Wilson, Mrs Annette
Wolbach, Mrs Tess Army Specialist
Tess was my battle-buddy in basic training. She taught me leadership and survival skills while being a great friend. Since her days in the Army, she became an electrical engineer, married her sweetheart, and is raising a beautiful family - one of her daughters is now in the Army and her son is in ROTC. Tess was an excellent soldier and is a wonderful role model. I am so proud of her and will always be inspired by her accomplishments and dedication to service. Swanson, Mrs Cheryl Anne
Wood, Mr Alvin Air Force Staff Sergeant 1984
Operation Desert Storm Operation Iraqi Freedom Wood, Ms Gina
Wood, Mr Alvin Air Force Staff Sergeant 1984
Operation Desert Storm Operation Iraqi Freedom Wood, Ms Gina
Woods, Mr Lane Army Private First Class 02/22/2021
Graves, Miss Callie
Wright Sr, Mr Ronnie Mryl Navy Other
DT2 Korea Wright, Ms Joyce
Wright, Mr David Brian Marines Private
Wright, Ms Joyce
Wyatt Sr, Mr William G Army Private First Class 10 Aug 1918
19 Apr 1919
Young, Mr Larry Dale Army Specialist February 1969
October 1970
31st Infantry 7th Division A fem Korea Specialist 4 Young, Mr Shannon Andrew
Zobrist, Mr Scott J Air Force Major General May, 1984
May, 2020
According to his peers, General Zobrist is an excellent communicator, leader, and great fighter pilot. Butler, Mr Gregg
Zupanc, Mr Edward Ludwig Army Corporal
Ivy, Ms Jennifer